Adapt or Leave: Ralf Rangnick issues warning Man United players

‘Yes, the pressure is on at a club like Manchester United. I’m pretty sure that the players are aware of that’

Ralf Rangnick has suggested his players could be dropped if they don’t buy into his methods between now and the end of the season, according to the Times.

United have lost just once since he was named as interim manager in November, but the German – who is known for pioneering the now popular genepressing style of play – has struggled to implement his preferred tactics in recent weeks, leading to disjointed displays in which United have struggled to retain the ball, and win it back.

Having suffered a disappointing 1-0 defeat at home to Wolves last week, Rangnick has demanded improvement from all his players in all aspects of their performances.

He has also insisted that he is ‘focused’ on finding the players in his squad who are willing to buy into his methods.

When asked whether he believes United have the work ethic needed to implement his methods, Rangnick said: “This is the only way we can compete in this league and at that level.

“Whenever you watch games, even if it’s not the top teams, they play with intensity, they play with physicality, they play with energy and they sprint. This is what we have to do. We have to develop into this kind of team.

“As I said after the first game against Crystal Palace, we showed at least in the first half a lot of those things and it’s about implementing this into the team in a sustainable way. This is our job.”

Rangnick also suggested that both he and the players were aware of the pressure of representing the Red Devils.

He added: “We have to do it together with the players and we have, obviously, to develop the players, identify for each game, the players who are willing and able to do that and to deliver exactly what we spoke about.

“I think most of the players know what they have to do and we also speak to the players. We did it before the training session [on Friday] – what they have to do in each position and what their jobs are, offensively and defensively.

“I’ve only been here now for five weeks. Yes, the pressure is on at a club like Manchester United. I’m pretty sure that the players are aware of that.”