Arsenal handed huge £120m financial boost as details of new £600m Adidas deal emerges

Arsenal’s newly signed deal with kit manufacturers Adidas is the most valuable partnership in the Premier League, according to a breakdown of the agreement’s details from marketing expert Lukasz Baczek. It comes after the Gunners announced last Friday that the partnership had been extended to 2030.

The kit makers reunited with Arsenal in 2019 after 25 years away from their previous agreement and have since made a huge impact on the club. They announced a collaboration with the Arsenal foundation earlier this year, with £5 from every home shirt bought before the season starts going towards the cause.


There have also been a number of special kits in collaboration with themes and cultures, with last season’s Transport For London warm-up kit being joined by this campaign’s one inspired by Notting Hill Carnival. After the success in their first few years back together, an eight-year extension was announced.

The report from Twitter claims that the new deal is worth roughly £600million, increasing from £60million per year up to £75million per year. It comes out as worth an extra £120million for the Gunners over the eight-year contract.

That figure, however, is only the base income for the club they are guaranteed, with the possibility of earning more. Arsenal could receive more income through winning the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup over that tenure.

It means that the kit deal is currently the most valuable in the Premier League, adding an extra windfall into the club. It’s another huge bonus for Arsenal as they continue to build towards competing at the top once again.




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