Arsenal player now have a special player who is worth £94m, One of the most expensive in the world

A report from CIES Football Observatory has named Bukayo Saka as the player with the 14th highest value in world football, with the company claiming that the Arsenal starlet is now worth around £96 million.

Saka is the jewel in an Arsenal crown which is looking so much shinier these days. The Gunners are absolutely flying, top of the Premier League. They certainly look to be on their way back to the Champions League ahead of next season.

But Arsenal will expect interest in Saka. He is simply too good to not attract attention. In fact, CIES Football Observatory has claimed that only 13 players in world football have a higher value than Saka.

Their report claims that Saka is now worth around £96 million. Currently, it is Jude Bellingham who leads the way on £184 million.

It is a huge achievement for Saka. And while some Arsenal fans may take exception to the gap between Saka and Bellingham, it must be noted that the ‘special‘ Arsenal star is one of only three players in the top 15 whose current deal officially ends in 2024.

The others are Kylian Mbappe and Vinicius Junior. So you would imagine that his value will rise further if Arsenal confirm that he has been tied down for longer.