Barcelona still owe €126 million in transfer debt to 19 different clubs

Barcelona have endured an indifferent summer transfer window, to say the least.

Despite an ongoing squad overhaul in the works, the club have failed to attract any big-name players so far, in light of the financial crisis.

The approval of the sale of 49% BLM and a quarter of the TV rights has offered a glimmer of hope, with the transaction expected to generate up to €800 million in revenue.

However, according to fresh reports from Aficion Deportivo (h/t Barcacentre), Barcelona’s financial woes has no end in sight,

with the club apparently owing more than €126 million in transfer fees to various clubs in Europe.

The growing transfer debts are the byproduct of the lavish spending from the previous board led by Josep Maria Bartomeu.

Among other debts, this includes a figure of €29 million being owed to Liverpool for the transfer of Philippe Coutinho.

The Brazilian international had joined Barça for a fortune back in 2018, but the club are yet to pay the full fees.

Barcelona also owe around €9 million to Braga for the transfer of Trincao while a figure of €10 million is owed to Bordeaux for Malcom.

Other news outlets have widely speculated that the Catalans also owe money to Bayern Munich for the transfer of Arturo Vidal.

The same can be said for Borussia Dortmund, in the case of Ousmane Dembele.

All the debts combined amount to a figure of more than €126 million, owed to 19 different clubs.

It puts Barcelona in a perilous position and could serve as a major roadblock in the club’s bid to steer out of their economic woes.

Barcelona are hopeful the sale of BLM and TV rights can help them cut back on losses and repay the debts.

But it could come at the expense of a lack of reinforcements in the summer transfer window, which, in turn, could be a major blow for Xavi Hernandez ahead of the new season.