Cristiano Ronaldo causing ‘problems’ at Man United with three others not helping

Gary Neville has blasted Cristiano Ronaldo for causing “problems” at Manchester United since he returned to the Red Devils in the summer transfer window.

Ronaldo moved back to Old Trafford from Juventus on deadline day and has scored five goals in six games since then.

But the superstar has come under fire for his lack of pressing, with stats showing he was the forward who pressed the least of any forward player in the Premier League so far this season.

Despite his red-hot form, Ronaldo’s goals have only helped United to fourth place after seven games, with their Champions League campaign also getting off to a lacklustre start.

The Red Devils have particularly struggled in recent games, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side having won just two of their last seven games.

That is form that must change if United are to mount a challenge to Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City for the titles.

But former Red Devils captain Neville has claimed that Ronaldo could be causing headaches for Solskjaer.

“With it comes big positives, but with it also comes problems. Ronaldo had to be managed shall we say,” Neville told The Overlap Live Fan Debate 2.0.

“In the 2008 Barcelona semi-final away from home, Cristiano Ronaldo was shoved up front on his own, and Rooney and Ji-Sung Park were shoved wide, and Tevez was brought back to [mark] Busquests.

“You couldn’t carry him in the big games because he generally doesn’t work hard enough. So, he’s playing up front now – you’re never going to press from the front.

“So, the idea that Manchester United can become a pressing team with Cristiano up front is never going to happen. He wasn’t pressing 10-15 years ago.” 

Neville also believes that Solskjaer must now find a solution to his issues when playing Ronaldo, if they are to turn around their form.

“There is big decisions that Ole is going to have to make in the next few weeks to compensate for Ronaldo coming,” Neville said.

“So, when I said United could win the league with Kane, and I don’t think they can with Ronaldo, I say that with knowledge of both players.

“I just think the team of Manchester United would be better [with Kane]. However, what they have to find now is a way of playing with Ronaldo in there.”

The arrival of Ronaldo could be having a detrimental affect on United team-mates Bruno Fernandes, Mason Greenwood and Paul Pogba, according to Neville.

“I support the signing, I love him to bits, but United have to find a way playing to compensate for him,” he added.

“It’s like we did 10-15 years ago, where you had Scholes and Carrick in midfield, but you had Ji-Sung Park working like you wouldn’t believe, Rooney slogging up and down that right wing, and Tevez slogging up and down around it. Everyone else was working like a dog to compensate for Cristiano.

“If you then put Bruno Fernandes in there, you put Mason Greenwood in there, you then put Paul Pogba in there with Cristiano – you’re going to get cut through on the counter-attack and you’re not winning the league.”