Frank Lampard names five Chelsea stars that made him “proud” in Champions League win

Former Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has said he felt “pretty proud” watching the Blues beat Manchester City in the Champions League final last month.

Lampard was sacked by Chelsea and replaced by Thomas Tuchel back in January, having helped guide them to the knockout stages of the tournament.

Despite admitting to having mixed emotions when watching Chelsea lift the trophy, Lampard named five stars who started the final which made him feel “proud” of his time in charge.

Speaking on BBC One, Lampard said: “Yeah when you work towards something you want to be there, you want to be the manager and I’m never going to try and lay claim on that.

“I was part of the early foundation potentially but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there.

“I will say when I watched it, first I’m a Chelsea person, Chelsea fans are happy and the club deserves.

“But secondly to see Mason and Reece perform at that level, people like Mendy, Thiago and Chilwell, who came in in my time makes me pretty proud.

“But again that’s a great achievement by them and well managed.”

Reflecting on his time in charge, Lampard added: “Well obviously you never want to lose a job, I’m in pretty good company at Chelsea.

“It happens. It’s the brutal reality of football at the top level.

“With reflection, I’ve had a few months out now, it’s been nice to spend some time out of the game.

“I’m pretty proud at the job I did, it was an honour to manage the club.

“I came in at a tough time with the ban and the loss of Eden Hazard and worked really hard to get into the Champions League and Mason [Mount], developing the younger players was a huge deal to me.

“I’m happy. You don’t want to lose your job but it’s a huge experience for me.”