I was in tear and He said leave, leave her : the little girl Ronaldo gave her jersey emotionally revealed what the best player ever said to her

Young girl who invaded pitch to get Ronaldo’s jersey won’t be fined £2,500

During the Republic of Ireland’s 0-0 draw with Portugal, a young girl ran onto the pitch evading two security guards to get Cristiano Ronaldo‘s jersey.

The Manchester United forward obliged but certain reports claimed that Addison Whelan, 11, would have to a pay fine worth £2,500!

The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) has, however, disputed the claims. A statement read: “We want to reassure Addison that of course she will not face any fine for running onto the pitch and asking for Ronaldo’s jersey.

“On a serious note, we would remind fans at all games that fines are liable to be levied by UEFA in certain instances for entering the field of play, particularly when the game is ongoing, and we urge all fans to respect this very sensible rule.”

The young girl expressed her delight in an interview quoted by the MEN: “I sprinted onto the pitch but there were security guards running behind me and another two coming from the other corner. I was just sprinting and screaming Ronaldo’s name.

“He turned around and he saw me. He was telling [the stewards] to leave me, so he came over to me and I was in shock. I was crying.

“I was like, ‘can I have your jersey, please? I’m a huge fan’, and he was saying ‘are you okay?’ and everything.

“I was thinking: oh my God, this is it, this is my dream and it’s finally coming true