‘It’s too soon’: Manager thinks his ‘big match player’ shouldn’t go to Arsenal yet:- Arteta not happy

Speaking to BT Sport, Jose Mourinho has been discussing Tammy Abraham and his remarkable season for Roma.

The English striker has lit up Serie A this term, netting 17 league goals in his debut campaign, and inevitably, this good form has led to a number of rumours about his future.

As a young English striker, a move back to the Premier League has been rumoured with Arsenal reportedly amongst the most interested parties.

While Mourinho concedes that Abraham will eventually end up back in England, the former Spurs boss claims that it’s too soon for him to return to the Premier League at this point of his career.

What’s been said?

Mourinho spoke about Abraham and his future.

“Tammy has incredible potential. He is what I call a big match player, but I want him to understand that to win thing you can’t just be a big match player, you have to be an every match player. If Tammy was able to put his levels of determination, self-esteem, if he managed to put that into other matches, that would mean three points. I think he will be a big striker, he will go back to England sooner or later. Hopefully later, I think it’s too soon, but I hope that this is going to happen, it’s a normal consequence,” Mourinho said.

Needs to develop

Abraham may have had a fantastic first season in Serie A, but as Mourinho says, it would be too soon for him to come back to England at this point.

As many a footballer can attest to, the Premier League is a different animal. The media scrutiny in this country is borderline unbearable, and at the age of just 24, Abraham could probably do without that distraction.

Abraham would be best off finetuning his game in Italy for another year or two rather than joining Arsenal this summer.