Joel Glazer has a new manager for Manchester United

Joel Glazer does not do interviews on this side of the Atlantic but does in Tampa, where some of his comments shed light on the situation at Man United.

Interview requests to speak to Joel Glazer have been submitted to Manchester United and have come to nought.

Glazer went 16 years without communicating with United supporters and his silence was only broken by the treacherous support for the Super League in April.

In Florida, where Glazer and his five siblings own Super Bowl champions the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Glazer has been more forthcoming.

He dialled into a Zoom call with reporters last year after the Super Bowl triumph whereas in Manchester the United media department is often fighting as many fires as 10 Downing Street and access is restricted to obligatory Zooms with interim manager Ralf Rangnick.

Back in April 2019, Glazer gave a short interview to Rick Stroud, the Bucs reporter for the Tampa Bay Times . Association football and American football are sports that bear little resemblance but the preparation is comparable.

Including caretaker and interim choices, the Glazers have sanctioned six managerial appointments at United in the last nine years and the seventh could be installed before the end of the season. The Bucs have appointed three in that time.

When asked about managerial turnover in 2019, Glazer told the Sports Day Tampa Bay podcast: “In (American) football, ideally, you don’t want so much turnover, that we recognise. And can we pinpoint one thing or the other, I would say the answer is no, we can’t pinpoint one thing.

“Ultimately, it’s results on the field. And results on the field were unfortunate. It’s what led us to where we are.”Perhaps the most intriguing detail in Stroud’s chat is the Glazers had used a ‘consulting firm’ to identify coaches in the past.

Rangnick, the interim United manager, will start a two-year consultancy role on July 1 and is believed to be advising on the next permanent appointment as manager.

That’s something we look back at what we have done in the past with the different type of coaches we’ve brought in,” Glazer said of the consulting strategy.

“And that’s why this time we did bring in somebody (coach Bruce Arians), who’s been involved with many other teams with success, and I think it was beneficial, it gives a different perspective on things. We thought it was helpful.”