Lewandowski robbed’: Fans react to Leo Messi winning Ballon d’Or award

Lewandowski robbed’: Fans react to Leo Messi winning Ballon d’Or award

Lionel Messi won his 7th Ballon d’Or award on Monday after enjoying a prolific year.

Robert Lewandowski only came second despite scoring 48 goals for Bayern Munich last season and consistently performing at a high level throughout the year.

Cristiano Ronaldo finished only 6th, while Bruno Fernandes was the other Man United player in the top-30, finishing in the 21st position.

However, United fans and other general football fans are astonished how Lewandowski didn’t get the award and conveyed their dismay.

Andy Artus: “What’s he even done? Won Copa America? If its on club form he’s nowhere near Lewandowski or Haaland or even Mbappe.”

Alogba Adewale: “This Ballo d’Or is rubbish indeed I will never get interest in it again is a scam I swear. Robert Lewandowski is the better candidate for Winner. The seventh award is not what it is. Messi only won 5 inside the seventh d’ Or a scam from the football body FIFA.”

UtdFrontFoot: “From what I know, two players have been robbed off Ballon D’ors in favor of Messi, which are Sneijder and Lewandowski!! And for a fact, Ronaldo deserved Modric’s, because he wins it if he stayed at Real Madrid!! so in my book, it’s still 6-5 in favor of Ronaldo!!”

EAMUFC58: “I said earlier that the ballon do’r is football’s version of Eurovision after this result! Absolutely pathetic! Lewandowski has been hands down the best player on the planet for two years! The Ballon do’r will never be taken seriously ever again!!”

Ismail Arab: “Absolutely Deserves it If you’re a football fan you CANNOT hate Messi I’m a die-hard Ronaldo fan but I cannot ignore Messi his greatness but Lewa should’ve got last year even with Covid-19 they should’ve given him privately without ceremony as he won the UEFA champions league but this year Messi won Copa America.”

Suedesi: “I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the conditions for Messi joining PSG was to win the Balon D’Or. We all know it’s such a political award and France Football must be dying to lend some respectability to Ligue 1. Messi is Messi, but he won F***All of relevance with his club, and suddenly Copa America which has been irrelevant all these years gained importance this particular year – because it was played in front of empty stadiums probably.”