Man United star Paul Pogba blasts team-mates for ‘stupid’ goals during Leicester loss

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has blasted his team-mates for conceding ‘stupid’ goals and claims he has no answers as to why the Red Devils continue to struggle after they lost 4-2 against Leicester.

United sit fourth in the Premier League table but face a daunting run of fixtures against the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester City and Tottenham.

Pogba knows his club risk falling away from the title challengers if they do not quickly find a fix.

“To be honest, we have been having these kind of games for a long time,” Pogba said.

“We have not found the problem, conceding easy goals, stupid goals. When you play on this pitch the fans are going to push and put pressure on us.

“We need to be more mature, play with more experience and arrogance in a good way.

“We need to find the key, we need to change. We deserved to lose.”

He added: “We need to find something and we need to change something. I’m not sure if it’s the mindset of us, the players, when we start… we really don’t know.

“It’s frustrating because we really don’t understand but we have to find out very fast.

“If we want to compete and win the title then it’s those games that we have to win.

“Even though it’s very hard and we’re playing away we have to find the right mentality and the right tactic.

“We will have time to think about it and we have to stick together to find the problem.”

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer held his hands up and took the blame for the latest defeat.

He said: “Lately we have not been in great form and lost too many points. Something may have to change.

“Do we need more legs in there? What do we need? It is one that we have to really analyse.

“The one positive was Marcus [Rashford] coming back in. He’s got legs and is sharp so that’s a big bonus.

“I’ve got many good players and every game is a different game. I am not going to put excuses up for the team I put out because it is full of top footballers and that was not good enough.”