Man United’s planned Mauricio Pochettino offer as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer comes under fire

Manchester United are going through one of their rough patches under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at present.

The Norwegian has failed to see his side win four of their last six matches. But, unlike other difficult moments, Mauricio Pochettino isn’t being strongly linked with a move to Old Trafford.

It’s an open secret that, when United axed Jose Mourinho in December 2018, they originally planned on appointing Pochettino.

With the Argentine working wonders at Tottenham, regularly securing Champions League football in the process, the Red Devils earmarked him as the main candidate to take over.

Except then, when Solskjaer took charge, everything changed.

However, links to Pochettino remained long after. As recently as November last year, he was still expected to take charge at Old Trafford.

Obviously, that won’t be happening right now. United are behind Solskjaer and have no plans to relieve the 48-year-old of his duties at the current moment in time.

What’s more, is they’ve bristled at the very idea. Despite his lack of experience, the Norwegian has the backing from the very top.

But with United in another of their crises they seem to have under Solskjaer, it’s time to throw things back.

When Mourinho was sacked, Bleacher Report said the Red Devils were sold on the idea of appointing Pochettino.

They were ready to wait until the summer before going after the manager, who was still contracted to Tottenham at the time.

And it was stated by the publication that United were prepared to give Pochettino more money than he earned over in north London.

It was also claimed United were going to give the Argentine funds for new signings ‘never seen before.’

And they were going to ‘sell him the chance of a lifetime’.

In the end, however, United decided to go with Solskjaer after he impressed during an interim spell at the helm.

And, nearly three years on, it’s still hard to judge how good the Norwegian is in the role.

Sure, United are better than they’ve ever been in the post-Sir Alex Ferguson era.

But, with A-listers such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane now on board, he simply has to challenge for the Premier League title.

Meanwhile, former Liverpool star Didi Hamann has had his say on United’s current form.

And he feels it’s only a matter of time before Solskjaer gets given the boot.

“The one and only reason why United is still in the race for the Premier League title and doing alright in the Champions League is Cristiano Ronaldo,” he told Sky Sports.

“I don’t even want to know where they would be without him and his goals. It is all patchwork.

“Old Trafford, that used to be the Theatre of Dreams. Right now it is more like nightmares than dreams.

“Their performance is pathetic at the moment. They just don’t play good football.

“Jadon Sancho is way behind expectations which I don’t understand.

“With Varane, they have a good player that has a lot of experience and with Ronaldo they have one who knows the Premier League.

“I thought it would not take long to integrate that into the team. I believe the pressure on the manager will grow a lot.

“I believe it is only a matter of when, not if, they sack him because he has been there for too long and you don’t see any progress. They still play the same football that is not good to watch, that is not Manchester United.

“I think there will be a change of manager soon. Whether the new manager will be able to utilise their entire potential, we will have to see.

“But Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not capable of that right now.”