Manchester United icon Sir Alex Ferguson nearly made Cristiano Ronaldo cry

Manchester United icon Sir Alex Ferguson will be watching on when Cristiano Ronaldo makes his second debut for the club against Newcastle on Saturday.

The duo have a really close relationship, and always have done. However, that didn’t stop the Scot from nearly reducing the Portugal international to tears when he ruled the roost.

Manchester United saw Ronaldo shine during his time at Old Trafford.

And his close relationship with Ferguson was key, with the Scot helping to transform the forward into one of the best players in world football.

Upon returning to United, Ronaldo revealed his old boss played a key role in his decision to give life at the Theatre of Dreams another go.

“As everybody knows, since I signed for Manchester [United] at 18, Sir Alex Ferguson was the key,” he said.

“I remember when we played against Manchester when I was at Sporting Lisbon.

“For me, Sir Alex Ferguson is like a father in football for me. He helped me a lot, he taught me many things, and in my opinion of course he had a big role because the relationship that we had, we keep in touch all the time, and he’s an unbelievable person.

“I really like him a lot and he was the main key for me to be in the position that I am, that I signed for Manchester United.”

While the duo are close, however, things weren’t always plain-sailing.

Rio Ferdinand, speaking to BT Sport earlier in the year, claimed Ferguson came close to reducing the forward to tears after giving him the hairdryer treatment.

Talking about the 1-0 win over Porto in 2009, he said: “The mad thing is his face is like this, that expression there [the celebration], really that symbolised him.

“We went to Portugal a year or two before against Benfica. He tried to play the occasion. The manager caned him at half time. Almost crying he was.

“I think we lost the game and the manager almost blamed him for it.

“Here, the maturity top notch. Scored that goal and silenced a lot of people in Portugal doubted him on the big occasion against a Portuguese team so it was a big thing for him.

“What a goal.”

Ronaldo, in the end, managed to win Ferguson round.

And he’s not looked back since, with the Portugal international shattering record after record throughout his six years at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo wants more, however, and is eager to lead the club to titles in the coming years ahead.

“Well, as you know, I have a fantastic history with this amazing club,” said the forward.

“I was there at 18 years old and of course I’m so happy to be back home after 12 years.

“So I’m really glad and looking forward to start my first game.

“I think it’s the best decision that I have made it. It’s right on point in my opinion.

“I moved from Juve now to Manchester, it’s a new chapter, I’m so happy and glad, and I want to carry on again, to make history, to try to help Manchester achieve great results, to win trophies and number one of them, to win great things.”

And, on playing in front of supporters, he said: Now, with all the stadiums full of supporters, it’s not the same that we had one year ago, those empty stadiums.

“The fans, they are the key, and I’m so glad.

“The Manchester United fans, they are special, I know, I remember very well.

“I know they still sing my music which has made me feel even more happy and my commitment is to give everything on the pitch, like I did before, like I do it all the time, and try to do my best, help the team score goals, make assists, win games, and I hope to see them very, very soon.”