Manchester United’s Decision On Solskjaer ‘Shocked’ People ‘Around’ The Club

Manchester United is still sticking with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, despite the club’s poor run this season.

Solskjaer’s current deal with Manchester United will keep him as the club’s manager until 2024.

The said contract was put to uncertainty when the Red Devils terribly failed in their English Premier League matches against Liverpool, Leicester City and derby rivals Manchester City.

However, according to reputable football insider and Eurosport’s Dean Jones, it is becoming more and more apparent that Manchester United has no plans of axing Solskjaer.

As expected, Jones further revealed that most people “around” the club were “just shocked” about it.

“The support [Solskjaer] he’s had, anyone you talk to around United, just around football, to be honest, is just shocked that they’ve allowed it to go this far,” Jones exclusively told Give Me Sport.

Widespread rumors claimed that Manchester United has already earmarked potential candidates to replace Solskjaer.

However, nothing has been deemed concrete about his firing as the club’s manager even to this day.

After the derby loss to Manchester City, Solskjaer addressed his future and stressed that the club has been “upfront and honest” with him about the matter, and thus far, not one thing has changed.

“For me, it’s about back to what we started to look like, we started to look like a proper team, we started to look like a team I like to see,” Solskjaer explained.

“I have good communication with the club all the time which is upfront and honest. I work for Man United, I want the best for Man United. As long as I am here I want to improve this.”

Looking back at Solskjaer’s recent run before the international break, it was evident that he failed to maximize the talent he has in his current squad by being reluctant to rotate his players.

In fact, it can be recalled that the Norwegian started eight of the same players in the club’s last six defeats.

As a result, an earlier report said that some Manchester United players have now grown frustrated over Solskjaer’s habit of just sticking with his key players.

In the hope to apiece the situation, the report said that Solskjaer had “promised” other players, including Donny van de Beek, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard, Dean Henderson, Eric Bailly, Diogo Dalot, Juan Mata and Alex Telles, that they will be “more involved” when Manchester United returns after the break.

Manchester United will be taking on Watford on Saturday, November 20.

For Solskjaer, it is another chance to get back to their winning ways.

“For us, it’s all about Watford,” the manager pointed out. “We have to come out against Watford like a proper hurt animal and get back to what we know we can be. That’s the only way to approach this and attack the situation.”