Messi sends out confident message to Ronaldo after winning 7th Ballon d’Or award

Messi sends out confident message to Ronaldo after winning 7th Ballon d’Or award

Lionel Messi has admitted he is unsure if his record of 7 Ballon d’Or wins will ever be matched. The Argentine added that the number of awards he has won were ‘impressive’.

On Monday, France Football handed out this year’s Ballon d’Or, and Lionel Messi edged out Robert Lewandowski. The PSG star finished ahead in votes, with the Bayern Munich star coming in second, while Chelsea’s Jorginho finished 3rd.

While speaking to the media after the Ballon d’Or ceremony, Lionel Messi openly admitted that his feat of 7 wins is unlikely to be matched. He said in the press conference:

“I don’t know if the record is beatable. I just have to accept it but I’m not sure if it can be beaten. Seven is really impressive.”

Cristiano Ronaldo slams Ballon d’Or chief for saying that his only ambition is to win more awards than Lionel Messi

Last week, France Football editor Pascal Ferre revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to end his career with more Ballon d’Or awards than Lionel Messi. However, the Manchester United star has rebuffed the claims and blasted the Frenchman for using his name for publicity.

Cristiano Ronaldo took to Instagram to post:

“Pascal Ferre lied and used my name to promote himself and to promote the publication that he works for. It’s unacceptable for the person responsible for handing out such a prestigious award to lie in this way and to show disrespect to someone who has always respected France Football and the Ballon d’Or.”

“He lied again today to justify my absence from the ceremony due to an alleged quarantine that has no reason to exist. I always congratulate whoever wins, in tandem with the sportsmanship and fair play that have underpinned my career since the start and I do that because I’m never against anyone. I always win for myself and for the clubs that I represent. I win for myself and for those who love me. I don’t win against anyone.”

Lionel Messi’s win has become a debate in the world of football, with many of the top footballers claiming it should have been Robert Lewandowski or Jorginho winning the award this year instead of the Argentine.

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