Rumelu Lukaku reveals what Thomas Tuchel told Chelsea players at half-time that inspired win over Zenit

Romelu Lukaku has revealed Thomas Tuchel’s message to his Chelsea players at half-time in their 1-0 victory over Zenit St Petersburg.

The Russian side made life difficult for the Blues in the opening 45 minutes, with the game tied at the break.

But Chelsea stepped up the intensity in the second period with Lukaku breaking the deadlock at Stamford Bridge.

After the game, Lukaku revealed what Tuchel said to the players at half-time.

Lukaku said: “You know a little bit of movement in the middle of the pitch, have an extra man, then we tried to create chances maybe through balls or me holding the ball or with crosses and that’s where we eventually scored the goal from there.”

Lukaku’s goal came from a pinpoint Cesar Azpilicueta cross and the Belgian said the pair had previously discussed the “movements” necessary for the link-up.

He added: “Yeah a little bit [knew where the ball was going]. Me and Cesar, we agree on certain types of movements on the pitch and it was a beautiful ball, I just had to get my timings right and place the ball on the corner.”

The striker – signed from Inter Milan for £98million this summer – now has four goals in as many games for Chelsea and Tuchel has hailed his down-to-earth approach, on top of his finishing abilities.

“He was the type of player and profile we were missing,” he said.

“But he’s also super humble, he loves football, he loves to train and he’s such a good communicator in the dressing room.

“He is always open to everybody and that creates a certain energy and atmosphere that we are proud of. That’s what we believe in.”

Lukaku’s ability to speak seven different languages has made him an integral part of the Blues’ squad at an early stage.

The German boss is delighted with his early contribution and is happy that the Belgian is able to help maintain the positive mood within the squad.

He added: “The atmosphere and the spirit took us very far last year and we want to have it again.

“Romelu loves Chelsea and knows what this club is all about.

“That makes a real difference and, at the same time, there’s no talk from a coach or no video in the world that can have the same impact on a player or a team as decisive goals.”