Sir Alex Ferguson kicked Man United legend out of his office after questioning transfers

Derby manager Wayne Rooney has recently revealed he was kicked out of Sir Alex Ferguson‘s office after questioning the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo In 2009.

The former United forward shared the fascinating story in a documentary titled ‘Rooney’, which is set to be released globally by Amazon Prime on Friday, February 11.

Despite the striker looking out for the best interests of the club, Fergie was incensed by Rooney questioning the transfer decisions and booted him out of his office for undermining him.

Back in the summer of 2009, the 36-year-old had just been offered a new five-year contract. But Rooney raised concerns with Fergie over the future of the club, with the sales of Carlos Tevez and Ronaldo worrying the forward.

Rooney’s concerns were understandable, considering Ronaldo had contributed 26 goals across all competitions for United during the 2008/09 campaign. He was clearly a figure that would leave a gaping hole in the team without an adequate successor.

The striker wanted guarantees that suitable replacements would be brought in if he was to commit himself to the club long term. Seemingly the signings of Michael Owen and Antonio Valencia had done little to soothe his concerns.

Rooney said: “I just felt at that time the club had offered me a new five-year deal, we’d sold Carlos Tevez, sold Cristiano Ronaldo, so I wanted reassurances of who we’re bringing in if you want me to commit myself for the next five years.

“Who are we bringing in to improve or are you going to try to build a team over the next three, four or five years to then be successful?

Rooney continued: “That’s literally what I was saying and (laughs) he told me to get out of the office!

“He’s probably the best manager of all time, so to have a young lad come in and ask him questions of how the club moving forward, I completely understand that as well.
“He’s probably felt a bit disrespected from that point of view, but I was doing it from a personal point of view.

“If you want me to commit myself for five years, I need to know what the plan is, what players we’re bringing in and obviously to get them answers, so it led to what happened after that.

“From then it became difficult but I think actually if you move on a few years down the line the majority of Manchester United fans agree.

“They were asking the same questions which I was asking a few years before because I could see where the club was going.”

Of course, it was understandable that one of the world’s best managers might take offence to a 23-year-old questioning his decisions, but it’s clear to see with hindsight that Rooney was right about the direction of the club.

Rooney eventually handed in a transfer request after the club failed to convince him of their ambitions, and Ferguson’s comments on the striker ‘showing no respect for the club’ and ‘letting him down’ did not help matters.

Rooney said at the time: “I met with David Gill [United’s chief executive] last week and he did not give me any of the assurances I was seeking about the future squad.
“I then told him that I would not be signing a new contract.”

However, the forward eventually solved his issues with the club and remained at United until 2017 when he transferred back to his boyhood team, Everton.

Despite his concerns Rooney went on to win the Premier League on two more occasions before his departure, he also won the FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League in the later stages of his United career.