Two Man United stars criticized and told to copy Christiano Ronaldo

Manchester duo Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes have to been told to stop with the penalty theatrics and copy Cristiano Ronaldo by former Chelsea defender Franck Leboeuf.

PSG’s Neymar and Kylian Mbappe also came under fire from Leboeuf for their penalty technique.

The players have introduced a modern style run-up to penalty taking which sees them run-up to the ball slowly in an attempt to try and trick the goalkeeper.

Ronaldo opts for a more traditional run-up which has seen him score countless penalties for club and country over the years, including two more on Tuesday against Luxembourg. 

The Portuguese icon is known for sprinting to the ball and blasting at the goal.

And Leboeuf thinks players should take a leaf out of the Portuguese superstars book when it comes to stepping up from 12 yards.

“I scored a lot of penalties in my career and I never thought about playing with the goalkeeper,” Leboeuf told Ladbrokes.

“I don’t care about the goalkeeper, for me the only thought that I had was to put the ball in the net, not waiting for the goalkeeper to make his move.

“Before they were making moves much more than now because now they can’t move, back then they were moving forward like one or two yards to close the angle so it was even harder.

“I saw Ronaldo, scoring a penalty for Portugal, he doesn’t think about playing with the goalkeeper. Neymar is great but he misses some, and you shouldn’t play with the keeper.

“When I started to think ‘oh last time I shot right and maybe the goalkeeper knows that so I should go left’, forget it, you’re dead.

“When you do the run like Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Neymar and Mbappe as well, you start thinking of missing it and the goalkeeper starts thinking of playing with you so it becomes a lose-lose situation for me and it doesn’t help.

“It’s so much easier to score a penalty than stop it, so just stop playing around and just score the goal.”

Leboeuf joined Chelsea in 1996 and went on to make more than 100 appearances for the club across five seasons.

The centre-back was also capped 50 times by France, before calling time on his professional career in 2005 following a two-year spell in Qatar.

Fernandes faced criticism for his penalty in the Premier League contest against Aston Villa last month.

United fans thought Ronaldo would be tasked with the responsibility, but Fernandes stepped up and blazed his effort over the bar.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will travel to the King Power Stadium on Saturday to face Leicester in the Premier League.

United will then travel to Italy where they will meet Atalanta in the Champions League four days later.